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Sound Quality

Why does everybody kill this pedal for tone? I have a Jackson DK-2 and a Gibson Les Paul Classic. I run it through a Boos CE-5 and a Boss GE-7. Running into a crappy 20 watt practice amp, using the clean channel only, and the amp's EQ basically flat. The GE-7 provides the tone I want, and the HM-3 gives me all the drive I need for rythms. I use a Boss OD-2 as a lead boost and to enhance the harmonic response for solos. I play mostly old Ozzy, Metallica, and Maiden stuff with the Jackson. I tune the Gibson down and play alot of Sabbath, Kyuss, and Monster Magnet with it. This pedal does the job for both guitars just fine. If I was still playing in a gigging band, I probably wouldn't use it. I used all rackmount equipment back then, Rockman Sustainer, ADA MP-1, Boss GE-21 and a DigiTech DSP-5. But, it is a pedal, how good do you want it to be? All boss distortion pedals need a GE-7 to shape their tone. Use it for what it was meant for...Distortion, and you'll find it gets the job done.


It's a Boss. You can drop it off the roof and it'll still work (as long as it doesn't land in the pool).

General Comments

Not for everybody, but what is? It's a pedal, and for under $80, it's not going to cook your steak just how you like it.

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