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Sound Quality

I am not a guitar player, I just play guitar in a very basic way (to write a song or do rythm parts), still I fine needing a guitar for when recording guitar tracks in my home studio, a real guitar adds depth to my songs, as I am a keyboard player I do not have much of a saying the sound of it. I will opinion that this guitar has a sound that very well represents is body size, I mean is not as loud as big guitar is, but nicely balance, rich, vibrant and round sound. The electronics will give you not only huge amplification of the sound but sharp control over the tone. This guitar rings very sweet, it has well balanced sound. I will (as usual change the string for better ones and add D' Andreas EZ pegs for better performance. Can a Guitar sound better than this one? Well, yes ,other models from Martin, Alvarez,Taylor, etc., may sound better (some), but may cost you $2000 plus and still to be Judged as I doubt the Quality control in their plants is as good as in Korea. In this body size/style and price this SC- Solid Peal Guitar is a Champion, hands down beating any Guitar in its price range and style, no one will deliver this sound, construction and looks for under $300. Champion no doubt.


I have not own it for long. It looks well built, I am hoping it last long, it comes with lifetime limited warranty.


General Comments

It's a bargain deal the only funny thing is in the soundwhole, is sorrounded by a plastic ring and it is decorated with mother of pearl inlay. I found this unusual but it serves me well, as it does not have a pickguard and it keeps me from hitting the wood, I am a bad performer, lol. I will keep this one as it is all I need for an acoustic guitar.

Reviewer's Background

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