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Sound Quality

This guitar works for everything: rock, jazz, blues, metal... I play it through a Matchless DC-30 clone I built as well as a 1979 Marshall JMP and a Hiwatt 200 watt head from 1973. I've used the guitar for recordings with great success. The tremolo system stays in tune. The bridge has the internal rollers and stainless bridge and lock tuners. Hotrails throughout make all the difference.


This guitar has never failed on any level. I have used it in brutal live shows where certain destruction was a possibility with other guitars. And it stays in tune no matter how silly I get with the whammy bar.


General Comments

I have been playing guitar since 1981. I have played every guitar and amp in existence, almost. This guitar is one of the best. They aren't super popular so you can find them cheap. I HIGHLY recommend it. I would cry if this guitar left my life.

Reviewer's Background

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