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Sound Quality

My setup goes like this Jazzmaster reissue=ice box=crybaby=axl delay=bossMD2=blue devil. I use the ice box to thicken out the tone so it's always on but at a subtle level. It's great for acoustic sections at the low level but gets drowned out with the distortion. On it's maxed out settings it's far too over the top for my kind of music (a bit like Feeder/RHCP)but with a few tweaks it can be perfect for any thing.


Solid metal construction - apart from the bit you "stomp" which is plastic!! However it is quite durable and i wouldn't bother with a backup. It's never failed on me yet - but you never know whats round the corner

General Comments

This pedal summed up:


Value for money, strong, versitile. Dodgy blue finish.

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