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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a Telecaster. Stock pickups. The people I like either play the same or started their careers on them. It's noisy unless your cord is brand new, never stepped on or bent. I can't say I like all of the effects as well as the best of them, I can say that they are all, without exception, useful and well-executed. I don't like the excessive noise I get with a well-used cord. I do like the flexibility they built into the amp, both with the controls and with the wattage selection. Great idea, an electronics tech dream in a world of pure tube bullshit. Not enough noise suppression for me, but that is a common complaint for me with all kinds of gear. I play slide a lot, I play Brit Invasion, I play serious and not-so-serious rock and roll, I play whatever I feel like at the moment in front of anybody. I play a Telecaster for its flexibility, got this amp for its flexibility, haven't been disappointed yet with either.


Don't know for sure because it hasn't broken yet. I have a Marshall Valvestate, made by Korg like this one, have had it for years, sounds great live and has NEVER given me a bad note I didn't ask for. I spent the 1960's and '70s playing Vox, loved the sound, never had a problem, not one. This is Korg. Played the 1980's and 1990's with Korg effects, never had a problem. Korea? England? Who cares? What I know is that the nameplates Vox and Korg and Marshall have yet to cause me a problem, and other makes have. I might have just been lucky, but I've played out a lot for a lot of years and I'm happy with these brands.

General Comments

I've played since 1964. I play a Tele and this Vox. Hope it doesn't break, but all gear does now and then. It sounds good. It does an AC 30 as good as an AC 30. It does a Fender Blackface just as good. It is surprisingly good at the 70's and 80's Marshall, will make you stop and play those settings as they are that good. Can't say I hear a lot in other settings, AC 15 leaves me cold as does boutique clean, but I have to say the amp gives a lot to work with and I'm not a Korg rep and could probably gain some insight as a rep who knew the amp better. I play a lot, demand a lot, and this, short of a gozillion dollars worth of overpriced "classic" gear, does a fine job. I played the classic amps when they were new and cheap. This amp does a fine job. Don't listen to the finicky rich mofo wannabees, old or young. Screw em. Listen to the amp. You'll like this one.

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