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Sound Quality

i use the q20 with a fender american standard stratocaster through a fender hot rod deville 2X12. the unit isn't noisy and the effecs sound always great. just the flanger isn't too good in my opinion...


General Comments

i think this is a good match.i've been playing since 10 years. i own also a korg a2 multieffects processor; but those 2 units can't be compared, because the a2 it's much older than the q20...anyway i think the q20 it's better for the chorus,the tremolo,the EQ and the delays and reverbers...compared to other actual effects rack units, i think the q20 it's one of the best...at the top of his category.

But it depends for what you use it...i think that it's better use the q20 in a studio for recording; if you want to use it for a gig, i think that it's too much! i think for a concert it's better use stompboxes or pedal multieffects....i think to change my q20 with another multieffects such a digitech because the q20 it's too complicated for gig use.....anyway that's just my opinion..

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