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Sound Quality

The tones that comes out of this amp are AMAZING! I'm playing it through a 2x12 Mesa closed back rectifier cab. with celestions. It sounds incredible. It is one of the best, if not the best, sounding amp I've ever heard. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I've owned and heard a hell of a lot of amps - both solid state and tube. It sounds better than the 2 tube amps I own now, one of which is a Mesa Boogie Mark IV head and the SX-300 is 1/4 the price! Another plus for the solid state with active EQ is the amp sounds really good at low volume which is always a problem with tube amps. They have to be turned up to sound good. I use a '72 Gibson ES-355, an Epiphone SG and a Carvin DC-135 which is like a Strat only much better quality with a one piece through the body neck. I'm not a big fan of bolt on necks. It has a Carvin humbucker at the bridge, a Carvin single coil in the middle and a Fender lace sensor at the neck. There is a coil splitter for the bridge pickup and 5 way selector switch. My style is bluesy, jazzy, fusion stuff, some rock. All 3 guitars sound great through this amp and I can't imagine any decent guitar not sounding good through this thing. The effects are good. I'm not a big effects guy and this is all I need. Reverb sounds very good. I think this is a very versatile amp and could suit most any style. The tones that come out of the rhythm and lead channels are fantastic with great harmonic overtones and just a sweet, full, fat sound. Very clear and crisp, not dirty and muddled. Carvin is factory direct so there is no retail mark-up. You get a quality product for your money. They have a money back guarantee. You get a full 10 days to try it out.


I haven't owned it long enough to know but I own 2 other Carvin amps, one I've had for 10 years and one for 4 years, one is tube, one is solid state. I've had no problems with either. Personally, I would always have a back-up amp just in case. You never know.

General Comments

I want to say the amp cost $360.00 + another $40.00 for the footswitch. I think they had a deal on free shipping at the time. If it were lost or stolen, I would definitely buy another one.

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