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Sound Quality

i play guitar at church and i needed an a/e. the sound decent in the highs and mid, but not very present in the bass at all.in some way sit sounds kinda boxy,but it is getting the action and bridge saddle adjusted. this may help to even the bvalance out. i am still looking for a good srting type to put on it. i have tried martin 80/20's and it came with exp's, next i will be trying dr or martin pb.this guitar is loud for only having a cedar solid top. it helps me mix in with the piano(baby grand) and other guitar(alvarez fd60) while still bieng heard. minus 1 point for boxy sound


i think that this guitar can last some hard playing. i really dont bang too much on my acoustisa anymore, but if i did i think iwould hold up. i think it is dependable to to gig with . i would always carry a backup. i have seen too many idiot people mess with a stage set up and find the band wanting to kill them.

General Comments

i have been playing for about 10 years on and off(mostly off)if it was lost i probably get a few more bucks together and buy a solid wood guitar and have an aftermarket pickup put in.i have had taylor,larrivee, alvarez and washburn guitars.

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