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Sound Quality

I find that it is not tweakable enough for some of the above reasons. You can get some good sounds out of it and some of the effects are cool but I don't know if I would ever use them much. It just doesn't totally thrill me. So far, I have only played it at practice volume, but even at "low" volume, you still have to turn it up to about one third (ten to eleven o'clock). The solo channel can get a pretty nice harmonic laden sound without having to turn the gain way up which I never do anyway. I don't like overly distorted distortion. But the solo channel doesn't have enough bottom end. I don't think you could ever play live with it, it doesn't seem to have the power. I also own a Mesa/Boogie Mark IV and a Carvin Nomad 112 and this could never compare to a tube amp for great tone at higher volumes. I'll just mention that I play a Gibson ES-355, an SG, and a Carvin DC-135. I do anything from blues to jazz to fusion.


As I said earlier, I haven't had it very long but it does come with a 5 year transferable warranty.

General Comments

I wanted a solid state amp mainly for practice because only a SS amp can get good tone at low volume. Tube amps have to be somewhat cranked up before they "come alive." It's not a bad amp but for me it's just not tweakable enough and I just can't seem to get the overall sound I'm looking for. I'm going back to the Carvin SX series amp with smart effects and active tone circuits. I had an early nineties SX-100 solid state which I liked but sold a while back.

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