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Sound Quality

this is the noisiest pedal i've ever used -- i don't even use it for my guitar... i also create some noise music, and i wouldn't be able to do it without this beast. i got ahold of a used one for big money ($100), but it was well worth it.


it's a DOD, and DOD doesn't have the best reputation for quality. i've had it for a few years, and the only thing that's gone wrong with it is that the pedal sticks (it's hard to switch on and off).

General Comments

for noise, this pedal is essential. i've heard the same about the DOD meatbox, but i've yet to get ahold of one. for actual guitar playing, you might be better off getting a boss octave pedal -- they have a better rep than DOD.


but i wouldn't trade this pedal for anything.

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