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Sound Quality

There is something of an art to learn how to bring this amp back to the original amp base, and build it up from there. All the presets aren't worthless, but the sound quality of the amp is released if you strip away the effects and overgain, then build it back up with an ear to what you think the pure amp ought to sound like. With that in mind, this is among the best sounding amps I've owned, and since it's a dozen amps in one...it's alot to like. If they added a tube emulator dial, maybe with a real valve in back of it, it would be perfection.


I have no worries.


General Comments

I've owned new and wintage big $$$ amps and several of the cyber-type amps. None of the modelers comes close, and I mean the expensive 1K+ ones. I've also use Boss GTs and Korg mfx in front of all tube combos, not even close. I have decades of playing time. I think this DC and the TWIN SE are best in class for someone who wants the versatility of a dozen amps and pedals in one package. Keep a few unique pedals, make this the one-amp solution, you are good to go for anything. The one caveat, you have to really learn how to unlock the tone of this amp, or you're just wasting your time. Read the forums.

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