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Sound Quality

my set up is a alvarez guitar with rosewood on fretboard and front body and maple at the back, then into a boss-mt2, ge-7 and a peavy bandit amp. i crank the volume of the ge-7 up to 65%. it can can be a LITTLE noisy at high volume but its alright to me. cause it thickens my riffs and my tones. i'm not that sensititve about the noise, it adds more evil to my mt-2. the noise is tolerable just tweak the knos from ur amps then the LITTLE noise is gone. my ge-7 is (JAPAN made).


Hey like everybody here says it's BOSS never doubted it. even a wrestler can stomp into dis thing!!!! (hahahhaha) I will definitely use it without a back- up.

General Comments

I play in two bands one a Thrash Metal band and a DeathMetal Band. with my mt-2 and my ge-7 my axe is more sharp and more powerful. i've been palying for 4 yrs now. i'm planning to get a boss ds2 for the lead parts, if it were stolen i'm gonna rip the head of that B@$T@RD!!! and if it were lost i'm definitely get a new one asap, this is my first equalizer and it will be my last.

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