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Sound Quality

I use both Fender Jazz 5 string and Warwick Active 4 string. It suits all the stuff I play, ranging from 50's Rock & Roll, through 60's,70's Heavier stuff, Southern Rock and a bit of country. Good live and good in the studio, fan is only noticable when no one is speaking, which has never happened ! Tone Monster of an amp, wish I had had this years ago. LURVE the Tube/ Gain, what a magic control, and when I want a clean sound no problem ! Great for pick, finger or slap.


I dont't use a back up, Given the Genz Benz Reputation for quality, don't think I will ever need one. I have used GB gear before in the USA and never had a problem with it I fully expect this to just keep going until I collapse on stage and then the band will sell it to the new bass player. . . .

General Comments

Been playing for about 30 years, have owned / used most major Brands of amps, cabs and Basses, some high end, some not so much.

Currently have this GB amp and an Ampeg B5R head,Accugroove 210L and a Schroder 12x12L plus an Ampeg 1x15 Cab.

I love this lttle powerhouse, and would def replace it if it was stolen or whatever. There is nothing I don't like about it. It would be nice if it had a built in tuner I suppose, but no big deal.

Best value amp I think I have ever bought.

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