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Sound Quality

this amp is super clear, it will bring the best tone from the guitar itself...i found that when i played it in the store...with a bad guitar, it sounded bad, with a great guitar, it sounds great. the pickup combinations really make a massive difference. i found alot of the breakup was from the small speaker...so i use a 60's greenback as the external speaker. is alot louder, clearer and has much more headroom. doesnt sound as compressed with the orginal speaker.


havnt had any problems with it yet

General Comments

ive been playing for a while and am pretty sick of rubbish gear.

this amp is cheap and awesome.... and in my opinion much more than a practice amp. i would not hesitate to play this live with the external speaker... i figure ill never be in a situation where the amp will not be miced...so why spend my money on volume when i can spend it on tone. the amp sounds great, and with a range of pedals and guitars it can be as diverse as any other

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