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Sound Quality

I usually play country music ( bluegrass and celtic )........little bit of rock Since i'm not a professional guitar player ( rock) i usually don't have to connect it to the amp. But have used it on a stranger. It actually sounded very good when the knobs were working. The acoustic sound of this guitar is absolutely brilliant, very sweet to hear.


Believe me you wouldn't find a stronger guitar like this one. Till date i've only had one problem. When i don't use the guitar often the guitar develops some amount of fungal growth through the lacker because of the dampness in whether conditions but it goes off on its on. i've accidently banged the guitar againist the wall, its fallen a couple of times....but till date there has not been any damages or problem in the sound. You can depend on it. Its an asset.

General Comments

i've been playin it for about 6 years. I have a seymour duncan magnetic pickup and a G7th Capo. no regrets what so ever. I would say worth the money. I'll surely buy a Givson for its sound and strength.


I don't like the pickup used in the guitar and i wished the pickup would'nt be visible across the Hole.


I also have a Freshman FA 350D guitar which is scottish by make. What difference i've seen is that both the guitars are unique in its own sound.


The Givson is not as loud as the Freshman which i have but it sounds great. Quite in comparison to it.

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