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Sound Quality

The output is fierce. It is considerably louder than most pickups. I use this pickup through line 6 products. Even though it was originally designed to push a tube amp it does wonders for solid state gear also. This IS the best pickup for extreme metal. Period. However it is very important to set it to the correct height from the strings. I have mine set at 6/64ths on the treble side and 6/32nds on the bass side.(Depressing string at last fret) The bass side must be set far away from the strings to maintain crunch and focus. Do so and the X2N will rip your head off.


General Comments

This pickup is my favorite bridge pickup I have ever tried. I,ve tried lots. It is extremely focused with a tight bottom end, just enough high end sizzle and a unique midrange that is transparent enough to totally scoop out if you need to or shine through. The mid range is very workable. I like that aspect alot. After all the midrange is where the evil lives. This pickup is anything, but typical and you must keep that in mind when setting the height. Despite what some have said it can achieve clean tones. Awesome harmonics, too! I freekin' love this pickup!

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