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Sound Quality

Transparent amp-like overdrive. Considerably more musical and versatile than the usual Tube Screamer clone. Tone knob is useful throughout its sweep. More dirt than a TS by far. Nice boost possibilities. No more noisy than any ODs I've used, quieter than most. Sustain like crazy. I'm using Strats, Teles, a LP and an SG. Amps include a 50 wat Plexi Marshall and '59 bassman clone. Sounds good with all of these including a small solid state Peavey Envoy I use for jazz playing.


Beautiful build quality. I would depend on this pedal without a backup. time will tell, but I'm very optimistic given the workmanship.

General Comments

I play Blues, Blues /Rock, rock, old school metal, jazz. Don't use OD in playing jazz but for everything else this works. I like it, I'll keep it, 'nuff said. I know this is too many 10's, but I can't imagine how this thing could be better and the bang for the buck is just ridiculous!

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