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Voodoo Amps Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier Head Mod

Sound Quality

Okay, I play a Tradition MTP-375 with Dimarzio high output pickups (PAF Pro & D-Sonic) and I LOVED this amp before I shipped it in . . . my only big concern was the clean channel, it was too abrasive and not "lush" but now I actually have a clean channel on this amp. Now, I have always been a Boogie distortion fan, but what Trace and Voodoo Amps did, was they took something that was quite good, something that had been used on numerous rock records worldwide, and they made it BETTER! Simply put, the take a classic car and gave it a heck of a tune up. The distortion is much more articulate and pronounced. Bottom end is a lot tighter, mid-range seems to be more easily controlled and "dialed-in" and the top end isn't as harsh as it used to be. It is still noisy when the gain is around 2 o'clock or more, but I haven't heard a "high-gain" amp that wasn't. I was told the deluxe mod would have taken care of that so I might seek that option/solution in the future. But the amp definitely sounds better than it did before. Honestly I can say that the difference is Night & Day. The effects loop mod is what really put the icing on the cake for me. ANY, I repeat, ANY effect you put through the loop now, sounds like it should. No more phasing issues!!! This makes my job much easier than carrying around the bundles of gear I did in order to make an effects rig work with this amp. Triple Rec is a good amp. Voodoo made it a great lifetime amp. This is something I will never get rid of.


I use this amp without a backup EVERY GIG. Mesa has never built a bad amp. I've played almost every amp they've made. Never had a problem, apparently nobody else seems to either, that's why so many artists tour with Boogie amps and record with them, it's no secret, these amps are awesome! Mesa has always called me back prepared to answer my question, I have never had a problem and don't ever expect to. Some people have had problems, I know things are bound to happen, so for the inevitability of it all, I give this a 9.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar for about 5 years. I am an endorser for Tradition Guitars, Trem-King tremolo systems, Babicz acoustics, and others. I am in a young Christian Rock band called Messenger and I take my Triple Rec with me to EVERY GIG. This amp can now cover ANY genre, and with a little R.K. Butler Blue Tube 1 (soft blues) tube preamp, you can achieve any tone you desire. If stolen I would definitely get it again. I might be open to a Bogner or a Diezel, but only under extreme conditions. I paid $1750 for an amp that I love and am going to play for the rest of my life.

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