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Sound Quality

I have a 62 reissue custom tele with vintage noiseless pickups, 62 reissue strat with .57/62 pickups, Wasburn HB35(es335 copy.) ,Schecter Tempest Classic gold top with Symour Duncan .59 split coil pickups and a Peavey Ltd St SSH custom shopbwith hand wound pickups. I've had my SS since 2006. Blonde Beauty with a Hellatone (aka broken in Vintage 30 by Avatar speaker co. Breakig in the speaker and using a Weber Beam Blocker are huge improvements for small time and money. I also tried different tubes, have 2 extra full sets of tube. Complete set on JJ euros and mixed set with Winged C's, EH, tung sol and Jan Phillips. Tubes make subtle diffs. Currently I am using the stock GT's. With a tung sol 12at7 or a Jan Phillips 12au7 in V1 input stage. For those who find tvolume to high/loud at low settings try these. The 12au7 allows you turn volume up to 4 or 5 before blowing you ear drums out. I can't believesome of the stories about try 3,4 or 5 amps. And people complain about volume changes between Vibrolux & Bassman etc. For gods sake use your volume and tone pots that's why their there. People we're musicians. The old saying "A poor craftsman blames his tools" seems to be true here. This is not a bedroom amp. This is not a bed room amp!! It likes to run hot and at high volume. At louder volume this amp devlopes a life of it's own. Sweet vibro sounds, full bassman and serviceable OD sounds. Each channel needs tweeking, play with high bass, low trebble and everything Optional Referral Number10 Enter here: in between. I love thi amp the variety of sound is worth the price of admission.


Mine has been very solid no real issues. The more I play it the better it sounds

General Comments

As good as any amp I've ever had. Dlx Revb Con Revb Super revb Peavey JSX Roland blues cub, Roland HC. Can handle most indoor gigs. Looking for a second one.

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