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Sound Quality

I am using this on a pedal board with a few other drives/distortions through an EL34 based tube combo with 1-12" speeker. It sounds great through my rig although I would call it a hot overdrive rather than an all out distortion. One of the most important aspects for me when it comes to drive pedals is the low end. Is is tight? is it flabby? is there not enough of it? It is more important on a 3 knob pedal without the option of a dedicated bass knob. On this RD1 the bass is focused, tight and voiced well and the volume is good. Once again someone actually thought this pedal out before just soldering components together. The distortion voice is a Marshall sort of grind. I like the sound of it. It could do with just a bit more gain but the pedal is quiet as is so I'm going to accept it as is. Good job! Maybe the distortion could be called a tad generic but it sounds different than my version 1 OCD, Xotic BB or the Barber LTD Silver. It is a tad between the new Dan Electro CoolCat Co1 drive and the BBE American Metal (both good pedals.)


No previous experience with DeltaLab

General Comments

The price is right the build quality is great and the looks and sound are spot on for my current rig. I am constantly switching out pedals on my board but this one has managed to stay on there for about a year now. I would purchase this RD1 again if I needed to, no problem. I have paid 6 times the price of this pedal for other drives that did not even come close to this. Like I stated before.. someone actually planned this pedal out well before putting it into production. I guess thats why it is a dedicated Guitar Center brand they don't want to be associated with somthing that would turn out to be garbage. I have been a player for over 40 years and have about 30 pedals.

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