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Sound Quality

I use Gibson and Fenders through this amp.Teles, Strats ,Les Paul,SG's,a Hollow body Gibson ES135 and a Dano 12 string.It does'nt favor any type of pickup.I can do 60's chime or Tele spank,70's Strat funk,80's hair metal or classic rock or blues and sound convincing.Thats the reason I bought this amp.The reverb is killer also.I never turn it off.


I've had it for 7 months now.shlepped across the country and drug it all over the place with out any problems.You have to really push hard on the foot switch conection to keep it from shorting out but it works great once i stated doing that

General Comments

I've played for 40 years.I own a LP,2 Strats, a Tele,a SG,a ES135,a Dano 12 string,a Breedlove acoustic,Flatirons Mandolin, and a Jazz bass.I have the Mesa ,a Egnater rebel and aPeavey and Roland ss amps.I sold a bunch of old tube amps after I bought the Mesa to help pay for it and to thin the herd since the Mesa covers so much ground.

I was just abought ready to buy a Dr Z massarati,when I decided to try this new line of Mesas.I spent a lot of time deciding and the Mesa won because of versitilty .Both amps sound great but I could do a lot more with the Mesa.The 5 watt setting really won me over .

One thing about this amp.For the first 3 or 4 months of owning it I didn't even want to add any effects to it,it sounded that good.I'm a pedal nut and have a lot of them but with this amp the only thing I use is a compressor.

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