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Sound Quality

The output is low, but about what I would expect. After all, it is a $40 single coil passive pickup, let's be realistic. Contrary to what others have said, I found the tone to be fantastic. A very nice even tone from bottom to top that reflects the sound of my guitar very nicely. I only required a small amount of EQ'ing. It seams to pick up strumming and light picking very accurately and sounds equally good for both. Remember, it is passive, so there is a considerable amount of hum/buzzing in the sound when you gain it enough to hear it. However, if you plug it in through a D.I. box and use the ground lift, it goes away completely for a nice clean sound and you can crank it up!


General Comments

I would buy it again in a second. I'm not sure why it's has such bad reviews on here. It sound like the others expect too much or just don't understand electronics very well. Either way, this is a great deal and will work great if you need an easy way to amp your acoustic. Go for it!

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