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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Jass Bass, Ovation acoustic, 5 string Kydd Electric Upright, and a 3/4 size Double Bass. As you can see I use my peavey for all types of music. Out of these the Kydd is my least favorite. The other really sound great. On most of my music I turn the treble off ,have the mid range in the middle and the bass almost all the way up. This gives me a smooth sound that blend well. I am not there to stand out.


In the last 30 yrs I have had the head in the shop 3 times for minor things. Only once in those 3 times did it catch me when I was on a gig. This was 4 years a go. No I never took a backup. The amp has been to Europe and has quite a few miles in the states. The amp has been played almost every week in my 30 years of ownership. So far only costing me $1.35 a month and going down. What a great investment It has been. The amp is still going strong! I will keep it for my backup now.

General Comments

Over thirty years of use for the Peavey Century 200 (100W) still going. Now I have a Ampeg BA115HP (220W) and at home 30W amp.

When I bought the Peavey I really did not shop around much. Loveall's was about the only music store in town back then. I got the most of what I could pay for. And It paid off.

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