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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] The output level is absolutly incredible. I heard never before something like that. Its between 2 and 3 times of the output level from an EMG 81. I needed to turn the Gain-Knob on my amp 70% down to reach the same distortion level like before (with the TB4 or the EMG81 on my other guitar) [Tone] There are either bass nor treble on this pickup. Only tons of mids - exactly what you need for ultra-high-gain. [Sonic evaluation] If you want to play only Metal, this is your pickup. Forget all the crap like EMG 81 or every passive pickup. There's no pickup on this world who can reach the aggressions of this one. The noise is comfortable less and the feedback in a passable range. The clean sound with a good tube amp is amazing good. It's not really clean, but it sound's nice ;) Btw: I use my Kelly with the Live Wire Metal with an ENGL Fireball and a TC Electronic G-Major. With some EQ-modifications the sound now reached absolut wickedness. Don't try out other pickups, Never! Swear it!!! ;) [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Black Metal with Gothic influences - I call it Dark Metal (why do I tell this twice?). There's no better pickup for this kind of music. Certainly the live wire metal is only suitable for brigde position. Something else would make abosolutly no sense.


General Comments

[Comments] If this pickup would stolen, I think they would also get my Kelly with. So I will not rest 'til I found the thieves and killed them! Seriously; I would buy again the same. For all my guitars in future, there's only one pickup - the Live Wire Metal.

"One Pickup to rule them all, One Pickup to find them,

One Pickup to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

further information:

- I play since over 2 years

- I really love all on this pickup. It's perfect!

- I compared it to EMG 81, SD TB4, EMG HZ and many other passive Pickups. There's no other pickup like this one on this world!

- Buy it, or I'll kill you!!!



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