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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Much much much higher [Tone] Middy, not the clearest, but still a shitload better than my old one. [Sonic evaluation] Running a crybaby wah into my v-amp, with a dbx 231 graphic eq in the pre-dsp effects loop, running v-amp direct into mixer, output to monitors and computer. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Its a bridge pickup, plain and simple. Amazing for metal.


General Comments

[Comments] I've been playing guitar for about 9 months, bass for about 8 years. This pickup is pretty godamn sweet. The tone is really nice, lots of mids, good for shredding black and death metal, doesn't sound as nu-metallish (i'm not complainin). With all these electronics in the same room it gets a bit noisy but nothing a gate can't take care of. Its loud enough all over the spectrum so that its easy to dial in any sound you want with a graphic eq. Installation was relatively easy, though I never found any specific schematics for 1 volume, 1 tone and 3 way switch guitar, so I combined the schematics given to me in the box with schematics for passive pickups on the seymour duncan website (first time replacing a pickup). When I was shopping around I looked mainly at Duncans and EMGs. EMG has more selection in humbuckers, but I found the sound of this pickup (in sound clips) blew the emgs away in terms of tone and gain. I'm thinking about getting an emg60 for the neck though, hopefully get some more versatility into this guitar. If this pickup were lost, stolen, or destroyed, well then I'd have to buy a new guitar alltogether because this pups never going to be leaving this axe as long as I own it.



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