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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

As I said, very lacking in treble. There are only a few amp models I really like but they pretty much give me the sound I'm looking for - almost. Forget the presets, you have to dial in your own tones. There are not enough clean sounds. The best ones to me for a clean sound are the Boutique Clean (Dumble) - which requires a lot of tweaking and the Blackface 212 (Twin Reverb). The AC15 and AC30 are good for lead or crunch rhythm although a tad boxy sounding. They also get a fairly good clean tone but due to the aforementioned lack of treble, you can't nail that early Beatles George Harrison tone. I like the 80's Marshall tone although a tad honky sounding with humbuckers. This is my favorite lead tone so far, I think, as I have not had the amp very long - still experimenting. It (80s Marshall) can be pretty crisp and articulate. I don't care for heavy, high gain distortion. I'm more of a Robben Ford, Larry Carlton stylist. I was disappointed with the Boutique OD (Dumble) which doesn't really give me the Robben Ford type tone I was looking for. Once again, an equalizer may help solve that. You can get a great blues tone from the Twin if you crank the gain, treble and middle and lower the bass. Overall, this amp sounds very good and blows away the Line 6 stuff of which I have owned several products. The 12" Celestion has a warm sound but may be lending to lack of treble? This amp uses a 12AX7 which really gives it an authentic tube tone. I can't say much about the effects as I don't really use them other than reverb and occasional chorus which I use a pedal for. This amp sounds just as good or better than any tube amp I've had.


Can't say. Only had it a couple weeks.

General Comments

Overall - a great amp for the money, big bang for the buck. Why spend a fortune on a tube amp that gives you few tone options when you can buy this at an affordable price and have a myriad of tone options? If it were lost or stolen I would most likely buy another. I have had Fender, Mesa Boogie and Carvin tube amps and several solid states. I've been playing for forty years and have owned many amps and guitars, too many to list. I'm still kicking myself for selling some of the guitars I had but who knew then what they would be worth today? I currently use a '72 Gibson ES355, an early seventies Gibson SG, a recent Epiphone SG, an Ibanez AR250 (I changed the pickups) and a mid-seventies ES175. I also have a couple other amps. As you can see, I'm not a Strat guy so I can't tell you how this amp would sound with single coils. I can tell you that it's a very versatile amp and sounds as good as the original Pod (which was the best one) or Flextone II amp (2x10 stereo). It sounds far better than the Spyder II (2x10) and blows the Spyder III away. No matter what style you play, this amp has something to offer. Try one, you'll probably like it.

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