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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] ALOT louder than a stock Gibson P90. But matches up pretty well with one in the neck. [Tone] NOT warm. NOT vintage. NOT smooth. VERY hot, VERY loud, VERY aggressive. Ripping treble, cutting bass, loud mids. Not polite in the least bit. It was too much pickup for me to handle. [Sonic evaluation] This pickup would work great in a dark, fat sounding guitar. In a bright and airy faded LP DC, it just didnt work well at all. Didnt sound gibsony at all. It walks its own path. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] If youre using lots of distortion, stay away. I'd only use this pickup if I used a medum overdrive sound or lower, bt still wanted maximum aggression. this thing sqeals like a pig with high gain.



General Comments

[Comments] Overall rating. Its OK for what it does, but its a very specific use.

If you want something that sounds like a Gibson, only hotter, get a Fralin 10% Overwould Bridge P90. It's absolutely perfect for that.

If you want something that sounds like a Gibson, only BETTER and more articulate and hi-fi, while still being hotter, get a set of Lollars. They are pure magic.



Reviewer's Background

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