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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Active HOT effect [Tone] Creamy style mud [Sonic evaluation] Soldano Hot Rod Head and 2*12 speakers [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable]


General Comments

[Comments] Absolutely love these pickups. You should get them professionally installed at a custom guitar shop. Call around because some shops charge $80 don't even tilt them when there installing them. They need to be slanted a little just your bridge is higher on the heavy strings. Lately I plug my Sony headphones right into my guitar and walk around jamming. Because these pickups require a battery (always use Energizer by the way) I've even played without an amp just for practicing = put battery in boss pedal, guitar cable into pedal and head phones coming out of pedal. I could go to the beach with my gibson exployer this way. You don't need electricity to jamm with these pickups there so cool.

Anyway, yes there is no comparison to going active and I choose the Zack Wylde set because he is so cute.



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