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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Very high output [Tone] balanced tone [Sonic evaluation] I'm using a Korg PX-4 Pandora's Box for guitar. My custom amp models are usually cranked AC30s or cranked 'Boutique'. The pickups sound hot and sweet at full output. I can back off the volume for an amazing 'vintage'-esque sound. with one of my tube amp emulations I got a sound reminiscent of, if you believe it, the James Bond guitar sound. From a goth SG. The sounds are fantastic. Note: I did the reverse install because I wanted filthy meat from the bridge and shatter-punch from the neck. I got both. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] The pickups are great in reverse. Mud for bridge, glass for neck. GREAT


General Comments

[Comments] I love these pickups, and if someone stole my customized G400, I'd pray they like hot weather. I'd rebuild this in a flash. The install was child's play. To do it, follow the 'les paul' diagram. The G400 from Unsung has 3 wires from the toggle, red, graywhite, and blue. Red is red in the instructions; easy. Graywhite is your 'black'! Forget its braid, just use its centre wire and solder it to the green from the jack. Blue is your 'white'. Solder its braid to the bridge pickup volume control casing and its centre wire where it's supposed to go. It worked instantly. I have been playing for 12 years and own 25 guitars with all kinds of pickups; SD, Dimarzio-designed IBZ, DDs, rails, Fender, u name it. I love these EMG actives! I don't care about ZW; I got it bcuz of the Japanese endorsers who play poofy guitars with great sound. I put the pickups into a butch guitar instead to praise Jesus. These pickups are full spectrum, not just lock-step death. Smooth country blues & jazz too. Go for it. Don't buy a guitar based on having these stock. Buy a nice guitar, & install the ZW set.



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