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Fender Road Worn 60S Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I like Blues and Rock and Roll. I was looking for an Eric Clapton "Blacie" Strat. I tried the Clapton sinature strats and dreamed about the tribute "Blackie", But at 24,000 that was out of my league. I found this at GC. I liked the look of it right away. A black strat, worn nitro finish. I thought this is it, until I played it. It had a great sound, but was almost unplayable. The neck was too relaxed which made the action way too high.I told the tech at GC it was a great sound but was in need of a set up. I went back the next day to try it out again and to my suprise the tech had fixed the neck and set the action just right. I fell in love with the guitar I couldn't put it down.I play this through a mid 70s Fender Reverb with a tube screamer.I can get very close to an Eric Clapton live sound with this set up.I get make it clear and bell like or make it growl.I know it's not the Clapton tribute strat or a real '56-'57, but for me it's perfect.


This is solid as a rock.

General Comments

Iv'e been playing guitar since 1970. I watched the Beatles on Ed sullivan in 1964, I was 11 years old.That was the spark for guitars. I not sure why I didn't have a guitar before that, maybe they were too much money for my folks? Since then I have had many guitars, Fenders, Gretsch Rickenbackers, Gibsons.Iv'e had a Custom shop '56 strat a mexican 50s strat and a SRV 60s Japanese strat. The custom shop to my ears was muddy, I returned it. The other two poly coated strats I traded for this Roadworn strat.This is the best strat I've played ,and for the money you can't go wrong. I know it's not a real '56-'57 but how many people can afford that? Don't listen to the bad reviews about the relic job, just play one and decide for yourself if it isn't a great strat for the money.

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