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Sound Quality

I use 2 marshals, an SLX & a 1987x plexi, I've ben using this pedal in front. First of all I used it to give a lead tone and boost, these are a bit noisy for that so I'd recommend upgrading a few components, that sorts it out. I found the sounds pretty good( if what you want is a straight forward enhancement of what you've got...guitar tone wise, think Slash, S.R.V ect), how ever I've discovered that straight outa the box these are best for cutting frequencies. As a rule i like the old approach of rolling of the volume for a cleaner sound, thats not always quick enough though, depending on what kinda music you play, so I took my time and got the GE-7 mimicking that "rolled off" sound that I like! Bingo, it works perfectly here to my liking.


It never ever goes wrong, tough construction, it'll take a few knocks.

General Comments

I'm a Hard rock player, this does the job pretty good, If ya need to upgrade it, it's still not as expensive as some other EQ's, especially second hand. I've been playing for...mmm...23 years, For lead type sounds I've had stuff like GE-7, the KLON CENTAUR..(very smooth but not as versatile), the Ibanez TS-808 tube screamer I still use. A grafic EQ is much more diverse, loads more control over the sound, and is often great used in combination with a drive pedal to give extra control. If it were stolen I'd be pissed right off as I'm already gonna get another one so's to have 1 each end of my FX chain. There are better ones out there , but not at the price so you way it up, Definitely the most versatile type of pedal.

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