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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] i haven't heard a pickup that is more hot...Why do you think so many metal guitarists use this thing? [Tone] The 81 is bright and crunchy with nice lows while the 85 is smooth, bassy and creamy [Sonic evaluation] Ibanez S470 into a Peavey 5150 into a Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 Cab [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I play metal, so obviously it's a great match for my style. The 85 was designed for the neck and the 81 for the bridge.


General Comments

[Comments] I've been playing for 8 years and EMG makes some of my favorite pickups. I'm a total metal head, so I like my rhythm tones to be brual, my cleans to be crisp and my leads to be liquid. The Zakk Wylde combo does this very well. I'm giving this combo a 9 though because they tend to overtake your guitar tone. I might think twice about putting them in a really nice guitar like a Les Paul if you really want the guitar's tone to shine through. Then again, they might make an already killer metal-guitar into a metal-machine! OK, that's a cheesy description, but you get the idea.



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