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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Stock, the low end sounded flabby and farty. That's really the only thing I remember about it before I started modifying it. After the mods, It has a much tighter bottom end, a sparkly high end, a switchable gain boost, and crunchier distortion. It sounds the way I want it to sound. In all honesty, this is an amp you buy to mod. With a few mods, this amp roars, and the possibilities are nearly endless (it won't do metal). This amp has the potential to be anything you want (which is why I give it a 10). If you're going to mod it, I highly recommend you check out sewatt.com rather than buy a bitmo kit. You'll learn alot more, and you won't have just another bitmo VJR. If you don't feel like being adventurous with mods, then you might want to look at the crate V series.


Construction wise, it's a very sturdy setup. I think you'd be hard pressed to break it. Internally, the power tube is dissipating too much power stock. It is also lacking a screen resistor, which is a safety feature designed to blow out before the entire circuit gets destroyed if something goes bad. These aren't immediate threats, but can affect the amp's overall longevity. If you're going to mod this amp, those are the first two things you need to do.

General Comments

I've only been playing a few years. I'm not good at identifying "tone" yet. However, I do know this amp is much better than my previous amp, a rogue RG120R. It has a great tube character to it that I've never experienced before. It has a nice warm clean tone, and that awesome tube crunch.


What attracted me to this amp was its ability to be customized, its price, and the fact that it's a tube amp. If you want an amp that you can put your heart and soul into to create something you could never buy from a store, this is the amp to get.

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