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Gretsch Guitars G6120RHH Reverend Horton Heat

Sound Quality

I've been a long time Reverend Horton Heat fan. Being mainly a punk, Metal guitarist (meaning Hardcore) throughout the past 20 years, I was always amazed how RHH could play hardcore one second and then slip into that reverby, surfy, rockabilly tone. I've always been a fan of Chet Atkins, the Shadows, Surf bands etc... So to find one guitar that can do everything with a flick of a switch is perfect... My only complaint is the G string goes out of tune a lot. I've been playing PRS's since 89, so I've been spoiled with an instrument that never goes out of tune. I brought this up to The Reverend himself (met him at a concert). He said it's a problem with these guitars (meaning Gretsch guitars in general) and said he adjusted the machine heads and had his tech adjust certain things (to drunk to remember details), he said he also pushes the whammy down and it goes back in tune. He also said the next time they're in town come early, around sound check time and he'd have his tech tweak it... Very cool.. I've seen him twice live...(playing the G6120RHH) and seen him beat on this guitar for 5-6 songs in a row without it going out of tune....The Sound and tone is great, listen to ReverendOrganDrum and RHH's newest album---Laughing & Crying.. Reverend said he recorded exclusively with this guitar.


This guitar is a bit flimsy, or that's what I thought at first. You can't really beat on the Bigsby, which I think everyone knew but me. But if the Rev can tour and beat on it touring with Motorhead... it's proven Reliable and Durable... I don't think you should ever gig without a backup though... the Rev live, had one duplicate back-up...


General Comments

Overall, once you get used to playing a Gretch, you really appreciate the beauty and sound... for me it was like buying a car with a clutch when you've never driven a clutch before (which I did)... in the beginning you just want to leave it on the corner... but once you learn how to drive it... you never want to drive automatic again... My grandfather worked for Gretsch Drums in Williamsburg in the early 60's... So this guitar means that much more to me.

Reviewer's Background

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