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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play mainly rock-all types: Blues,punk, some metal, hard rock, ska, jazz, whatever. Proably some some the worst pickups money can buy, but they are allright for a beginner.(as i was) The pickups were alittle to bright (at times) for me. Very Noisy. The 5 way selector switch works well. Although it has 2 tone controls on the guitar, neither of them work! The amp is pretty crappy too, the distortion it has is horrible and fuzzy. Although it will work for a begginer.


Yes the guitar would withstand live playing. It actually keeps in tune well. I had to screw the strap buttons in to be tighter. I could depend on it. I would no gig with it without a backup. (but i wouldnt care if it broke or something because its soo crappy.)


General Comments

ive been playing for over a year now. i now own a much better G&l guitar and an acoustic. I would definatly get something else if it were stolen.

Overall this is a decent guitar

(for the price) for a begginer who wants to play electric guitar. I wish i had bought a different(more expensive) guitar) when a started out playing though.Also if you buy this package make sure you buy a better tuner and a distortion pedal,(if you want that.)

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