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Sound Quality

Wow!!! I was skeptical when I first bought this guitar. I didn't know if I liked it or not. I was somewhat satisfied at first. But then, I changed to medium strings and it has completely emerged into a GREAT sounding guitar. I can play any kind of music I want and it sounds great. Bluegrass runs sound very woody and authentic. Fingerstyle play rings clear all the way up the fretboard. It also has a nasty bluesy sound when I want it. I also like when I play old timey music, and hear it sound innocent as well. I compared the sound to most mahogany acoustics out there, and it will easily hold it's own. I have played mahogany dreadnoughts of all prices, and still think that this little guitar ranks right up ther with any of them. Including my Gibson Hummingbird, which is awesome as well.


As I said before, I have played this guitar virtually every day for almost 4 years, and it is still near pefect condition, and I don't even put it in a case.

General Comments

I know I gave this guitar a lot of 10s, but I don't really care. I own three guitars. One is an awesome sounding Martin HD28, which I view as the undisputed king of all rosewood dreadnoughts. Another is a Gibson Hummingbird which features the voice like a chorus of angels. And finally I have this D03. It is easy to play. Sounds great. Is very durable. It's also a great looking guitar with a LOT of mojo. I know that I play this guitar as much as my others. I can't believe I only paid $550 for it. I almost feel guilty about having such a nice guitar, for which I paid so little. Just word of advice....put mediums on this baby. It sound twice as good when you do. Trust me on that one. I went through so many types of strings but finally settled on the good old fashioned D'Addario mediums.

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