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Sound Quality

Hmmm... the octave effect isn't really bad. The tone it generates is a little rubbery sounding and a little dry but it blends well with the original signal. It doesn't sound very good by itself though, you definitely want to mix in at least a little of the original note to give it some overtones. It sounds fine either thickening up a bass or doubling a guitar although tracking's not too great on really low notes on the bass and if you go high enough on the guitar you'll hit the high end of what it can track too. The tone control makes it easy to get an octave sound that blends well. It's a cool effect as long as you're only asking it to double what you're playing and not stand on it's own. However, this pedal has one huge drawback. It is a serious tone sucker. Listening to your instrument through this pedal, whether bypassed or not, is like looking through a window that's covered with dirt.


Seems plenty reliable. The DOD nameplate fell off the footswitch - seemingly common with DOD pedals - but otherwise it seems rock solid. If I were going to gig with this pedal, I wouldn't worry about a backup.

General Comments

I've been playing nearly 20 years. My main instruments are a fretless Jazz Bass Special with EMGs and a fretted Power Jazz Bass Special with stock Fender active electronics and pickups. My main rig is a Sunn 1200S head through a Sunn 410H cabinet.


If it were lost or stolen, I would be mad because then I couldn't trade it towards something else at the local guitar store. I would not replace it though as I now get all my octave fulfillment from an Akai Deep Impact. If I were going to replace it, I would look at other octavers before buying another Octoplus though - one that didn't suck tone as badly.


I've played other basses, both active and passive, through it and my Mexican Strat, at one time with original pickups, now with EMGs, through it as well and it manages to absolutely kill the tone of all of them. I tried using it live a couple of times but could not live with what it did to my tone, despite how fun it was to have an octaver.


I do like the tone control. I don't like what the pedal does to your tone. I also don't like the odd 1/8" mini A/C power adapter plug - a standard Boss-style plug would be preferable.


I didn't really compare it to other products. I chose this one because it was cheap and fun and available at the time and I could trade another cheap pedal for it.


I wish it had better circuitry.


In the living room it helps me make music - out live it gets in the way.


Octavers are so inherently fun that it can cloud your judgement about them. There's gotta be better octavers than this one though. Despite a fairly cool effect, this is the absolute worst tone killing pedal I've ever plugged an instrument into.

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