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Sound Quality

This amp sounded best with single coil guitars. My PRS didn't sound good on it at all (a $2000 guitar). I played a Tele with EMG's once and this sounded pretty good. It was unpredictable as to what guitar would sound good with the amp. I lined this up side by side with the Mesa C II. The patch sound was close but you could tell the difference between this and a good tube amp. Most audiences wouldn't be able to notice but season players know. Whenever I tried to use the line out jack to go direct to the sound board I would get a loud feedback noise. I only mic'd the amp for playing live.


As soon as it was out of warranty it broke down. The nearest service center was 50 miles away. As I recall it cost about $100 to fix. The floorboard springs had to be adjusted on many occasions and the floorboard cable was very cheap and the plastic ends would break off very easily and then the cable wouldn't stay in place.

General Comments

I've been playing for over 40 years. I own Mesa, Carvin, Bad Cat, Bill Lawrence, PRS and Custom designed guitars. I've owned Fender, Guild, Gibson and Martin guitars and various Fender and Peavey amps. I liked the idea of the modeling amp but Line 6 gear depreciates like a computer. It's basically worthless after two years. There is no resale value on this gear. I only had one reliability problem with the amp but many owners report alot of problems. Line 6 stopped making and supporting this amp shortly after 1999. I was lucky I found someone who would buy it for $350. I would not buy Line 6 gear again. Line 6 gear is way over priced for the quality and is not a good value. I feel like I got burned. I have a long memory.

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