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Sound Quality

I play a Les Paul Special ( very similar to Bob Marley's Gibson)through a late 70's Gibson solid state amp (30 Watt). At high volumes the amp sounds way sweet and has built-in reverb and tremelo effects that sound great. I bought the FX53 pedal to boost the signal to my amp and to achieve a strong, organic-quality distortion sound at lower volumes. The classic tube fell somewhat short of my hopes. I think it is entirley too bassy. Regardless of how I tweeked the settings, the effect swallowed any hint of brightness. However, I was happy with the extended sustain the pedal gave me. I think this effect also does a pretty good late-Hendrix, Pali Gap type sound. That was with my guitar volume low and the pedal volume and gain high. I paid less than 20$ for the FX53, so I am satisfied with what I got.


I have owned less than 2 weeks, so I can't say.

General Comments

Nowadays, I play dub-type reggae rhythms with spacy, classic rock-style melodies. I've played about 8 years and have always been an effects minimalist. I finally got to where I wanted more distortion than my amp could deliver so I decided to get a "tube"style pedal. The FX53 is OK. The primary drawback is how overly bassy it is. I will hang on to it though because it will come in handy in certain situations and also it was way cheap.

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