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Sound Quality

my ever expanding setup (what are student loans for!?) is as follows Cort CL2000 or squire strat > fender pt10 tuner > rotovibe > boss digi dimension (chorus) > boss dd5 > boss super shifter > custom phaser > marshall guvnor2 > GE7 > danecho > vox venue 100 watt amp in my room i had the sliders quite far up but when I got to our rehersal room and used the amp there (fender stage 160, sweet amp!) i almost blew my ears out, i didn't realise how much kick this things gives! I am essentially using this pedal as an overdrive pedal which I feel is an underated usage for something with whop-loads of gain and extensive tone shaping capabilities. My sound is quite clean (american-indie ish, Glasgow based band Stapleton's guitarist Al Paxton is a good reference but I use more effects) and the GE-7 provides my main boosted tone. I only use the Guvnor2 for absolute high Gain needs. I don't detect any hiss, or alterior sound colouring other than that which I want.


I reckon I can depend on this, my only worry is that I don't have a proper pedal case yeat, all my lovelies are stuck down on a bit of wood that I lug about in a rucksack!

General Comments

The reason I initially wanted to get this pedal was that I thought I would need it at the end of my long effects chain to give the signal a kick. I had been using a volume pedal with a reductin control which I would keep down for clean stuff then kick forward for my boosted tone. This gave a good sound but was highly impracticle. Now I roll my guitar volume back to about 7-8 which is my clean tone, this makes my effects like the custom phaser and the chorus sound really sweet. By having the guitar volume reduced I can either use the GE7 or get my guitar full on tone by rolling the volume back up. You could argue 'why have the GE7 atall?' but i fing it a pain to have to keep changing my guitar volume every verse/chorus/whatever.


To conclude, this pedal does exactly what it says on the tin, and exactly what I wanted it for plus its got {censored}loads of gain!


I'm almost considering getting another one to replace the Guvnor as a second gain boost.

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