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Sound Quality

This is subjective. To preface this: gotta' love the sound it makes, but if you do it's a ten. I like sonic youth, the boredoms, ect... This is the ampeg scrambler of the future. It will only sound cooler the more times passes unlike most boxes which will just sound dated imho. Unlike what many reviewers say it is possible to use this in a non-atonal context, but U will have to figure it out 4 yrself. I have the mooger fooger ging mod ang had a colorsound for years. This would B cooler if you could change the carrier tone, but it wouldn't make it any less atonal. This is great "weird noise" box and there aren't enough boxes that try to be inovative so it deserves a ten here.


I have to say despite what is said about dod I've never had 1 break on me, and I've had a few. When people say the switches break it is true, but it's the actaul plastic pad that breaks and the pedal usually still works. Boss pedals have a problem where the switch stops engaging or engages intermittently. I've had the problem more than once. but everyone says they are totally reliable. Lets face it people don't exactly "take care" of dod pedals. You throw it in a box w/ 10 other crap pedals and let it bang around in you trunk, drop it down the stairs, step on knobs. Somehow they just keep working.

General Comments

I found one new in music store about a year ago and had to pay original list price or something which was still a good deal since in the time it sat there it had become collectable. Look around some mom and pop stores U might find 1 NOS. I've seen these sell 4 over $200, which would not be a fantastic value, but U could spend even more and get something not as cool, so why not.

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