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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I think it sounds great the Duncan designed pick ups are ballsy so there great for detuned metal whaich i love to play. I use a line 6 Flextone XL and a Marshall vs100 it sounds great with both especially the Line 6. The bridge pick up is quite bright and is good for metal but the neck pick up is very good for a deep jazzy sound. I love this guitar it is my first 7 string and its brilliant.


I think this guitar will last a long time (i hope) but i haven't had it long enough to know yet. The finish is great i don't think it will wear off in a hurry. I would happily gig with it without taking a backup.


General Comments

I have been playing for about 9 years and this was my first 7 string and i am glad i got this one. I looked at Ibanez models before settling on this model and this definately holds its own when comparing to more expensive Ibanez models. I love it, its everything i tgought it would be. I highly recommend this guitar if you are just starting out on a 7 string or if you have been playing 7 strings for a while. In my opinion even the worst Schecter guitars are better than most other models out there.

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