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Sound Quality

This guitar has a very bright and focused tone to it whenever played with a pick without a band. Fingerstyle playing has a more balanced tone than picking. I find that this guitar projects the sound and tone very loudly. It does not sound like a Martin or Taylor....it sounds like a Larrivee, kinda in between the other two models mentioned above. This guitar would make a great recording guitar, and it has no trouble cutting through in a band enviroment, but in the bedroom by itself it comes off as being really bright sounding.


Feels very light, I think it will hold up over time as long as you are very carefull with it. The satin finish is great!

General Comments

I highly recommend these guitars, for the cash they can not be beat. $519.00 for an all solid wood guitar (even has ebony fretboard and bridge) with case and extra set of Elixer strings. It the most bang for your buck kinda thing around. They are great for recording and playing live with a band. I'd get another one!

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