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Seymour Duncan SH-12 George Lynch Screamin Demon Humbucker Pickup

Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] The output is very high when the volume control on the guitar is all the way up. However, the pickup is VERY responsive to adjustments to the guitar volume control. This allows for a very wide range of distortion levels from acoustic-clean too total shred and everything inbetween. This is the feature I like best, since I don't have a foot-pedal to control distortion on my amp. [Tone] If I had a graphic EQ to describe the tone:
bass <-------------> treble
      o  =  =  =  o  high
      =  o  =  o  =  med
      =  =  o  =  =  low
[Sonic evaluation] Very powerful sound. Level of distortion (gain) is very adjustable with guitar volume control. I don't know what effect a tone control would have. Notes are clear and bright with a solid bass punch. Harmonics really ring out! Unwanted feedback is virtually eliminated. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I would mostly recommend this pickup for heavy hard rock. Grunge artists might prefer a muddier sound than this pickup provides.



General Comments



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