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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

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This isn't a review so much as a point of clarity I noticed in some earlier posts. The Starcaster is not rare in the sense that there were so few made (like original V's, the mythical original Moderne etc..) However, they are rare in the sense that they were only produced for 4 years (1976 to 1980) I don't have the production numbers sitting right here in front of me, but it seems like a pretty fair number of them were made in that time span. The reason that you don't see them very often is simply that they are really good guitars. It really just boils down to the fact that not that many people want to part with them. Interestingly, I have read in a couple of different books that many people thought the Starcaster was ugly. I certainly don't see that. I think the headstock is kind of wack, but otherwise, its probably second only to the Strat as far as pure looks go for me....

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