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Sound Quality

Most often used my 69 Les Paul Custom or Yamaha SE-700E (a superstrat with SSH p/u config and coil tap on the humbucker). The fact that there is a pot to allow different pickup output is good. The layout of preset sounds is chaotic, makes no musical sense. I suppose if you were to take the time to program all of your own sounds, you could devise a logical setup that would be easier to use in a live setting. However, imagine a memory game with 128 cards, each card concealing a different tone. Try flipping the cards over by memory in the middle of a gig and you see what I'm talkin' about. Different distortions were usable, and gave good evidence to how many different variations of distortion there are. However, GOOD clean tones are hard to come by.


I always loved new space age products, purchasing the colorful solid state Baldwin Professional 2-12 in the 60's because of the rainbow colored Supersound presets. My Baldwin still functions well (and you will always see it in Willie Nelson's backline and sometimes used by Neil Young) However, the Ax2 totally died in the middle of a gig. Uncool, and none of the seven other amps I own have ever done this. I think I paid $800 new for the amp, and it cost me $300 to fix it. Screw the savings from not having to replace tubes! DO NOT use this amp without backup.

General Comments

After it was "fixed", I never liked the upgraded sounds. The presets now sound crummy, and the amp doesn't seem to have the power it used to. I read through some of the other ratings for this amp on the website, and I am amazed at the spectrum of responses from love to hate. That alone shows me what an inconsistent, unreliable product this amp is. I'm going to try to sell it, but resale value is kaka.

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