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Sound Quality

This is very much a heavy metal guitar. Marty Friedman (of Megadeth) uses almost the same guitar. The pickups are VERY low noise. The first time I used it, I thought my amp was disfunctional until I played a note! Very rich sound, high sustain. I really like this guitar. However, it doesn't exactly sound like a vintage or anything as it is a little too clean with no single coils or anything. I love this guitar.


This is a very well-built guitar. I really recommend Jacksons, I had a JS20 before this one and I loved it too, although this one blows it away. The finish is a beautiful transluscent blue. The strap buttons are not going anywhere. It is my only guitar right now and although I will buy another one eventually, because this guitar is not exactly inclined towards alternate tunings like all floyd roses, I don't have any problems with it all and will keep using it for everything.

General Comments

I love everything about this guitar. While it might not suit everyone's playing style, it suits mine perfectly and is an awesome metal guitar. I'm trying to think of some flaws but I can't, sorry! Oh yah, the case is REALLY big.

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