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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I love the sound of this guitar...it has a very deep warm Les Paul sound on the neck pickup, but the bridge pickup is kinda tinny and dead, so i would replace that. I am not a guitar player, i have just plunked around occasionally on my guitarist's guitars, but decided to buy one of my own and start playing for myself and not deal with an ego(any musicians that are not guitar players can relate to this) I have used this with my BOSS ME-8 and after i sold that, i play through a Peavey Rage 15 watt amp and it still sounds ok on the clean bridge setting. I write mostly on guitar so i have no big rig because i am not a guitar player, but even not plugged in this guitar sounds good acoustic on my couch with its nice sustain. One thing i do not like is the fret buzz especially in the B string. If i would have redesigned the guitar i would have made the B string the longest by extending it far up on the headstock and like 2 inches lower than the other strings. I may not be a great guitar player, but i have been around them for 10 years and know what they are supposed to sound like. If they took out the tinny bridge pickup and fixed the buzz, this would be a 9.5


This thing is solid as hell! I would definitely bring this onstage if i was not concerned with my playing ability. The only bad thing i could see is teh fatigue that would insue carrying this heavy bitch around for an hour-and-a-half set list. Like i said, i sweat profusely and the neck still looks like new, i touched my friend's BC Rich once and now it looks like i smeared coffee all over it!


General Comments

i'd been messing around with guitars when i was bored with electronics for the last couple of years and this is a keeper. I would buy this guitar again, but maybe it's get a a-7 for that more "metal look." I wished the B string was longer and wished there was a H-S-H pickup setup with a six position switch. The output jack feels a little flimsy, like i could pull my cord out easily from it. I have played an ESP and an Ibanez around the same price range, and BC Richs and Jacksons way above it, and this thing holds its own and is worth way more than what i paid for it. I am going to stick with Schecter, maybe a fixed neck model next. But definely a Schecter because you can get a lower quality import BC, Jackson, or Ibanez for about 200 more dollars and be just like everyone else, or you could own this pretty slick guitar and feel like an individual. Even my "never-happy-with-your-stuff" guitar player loves this thing

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