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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I don't feel this guitar fits any music styles. I rate this high for a first guitar not a stage or studio guitar. The pickups are thin and don't give a great tone through any amp or effects and the amp does't sound great either. But this guitar is a starter set not something a professional dreams about. I feel this is one of the very best first guitars a person could get. I like the fact it has 3 pickups and a 5-way pickup selector switch and the amp has a volume and 2 overdrive gain controls. It gives features to learn the pickup and amp sounds.


I highly recomend this as a starter guitar only. I believe the setup is good enough to learn with, and it comes with lighter strings so you can form calouses without too much pain. The sound isn't good for live playing. I have heard this used by starter musicians in live performances. The tone doesn't grab anyone. Many yars ago when I heard my first Strat Pak it baffeled me how professionals could get such good sound. The guitar is highly durable. Once you start rolling and buy a better instrument, this guitar is still a great beater or take along guitar. Bring it on business trips or on vacation so you can keep your chops up.


General Comments

For a starter this is a 10. For a stage guitar it is a 2(I heard it live). The electric guitar is by far one of the most complex instruments this world has ever seen. This package will give you insite into how pickups sound in different positions, and how different distortions (though very few) sound on your amp- Some other packages are too cheap to even learn on (don't go to Walmart or a piano store for your first guitar. And if you decide the guitar isn't your thing, you are not out thousands of dollars. I have a Les Paul with Seymour Duncan '59 pickups, a Washburn acoustic/electric, a D.O.D. multieffects with wha, and a Marshall all tube amp. My new stuff is outstanding in tone and playability - I mean it really sings!! This Strat pack started it all. Im hooked. my new gear is not beater stuff so I pull this Strat along if I am going on a trip, and I use it alot for practice to preserve the frets on my Les Paul. My Strat pack had a good neck and frets to learn my bends, slides, slurs, barcoards, harmonics, etc. This guitar did not slow me down, it is good enough to learn guitar techniques. Lastly if yu have a guitar in hand and get serious, it gives tou a perspective to compare sound, feel, and price of new equipment.

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