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Sound Quality

This is a really great sounding pedal. There is very little noise with the built-in supressor. The distortions are really great. There is even a preset called "Tallica" which acurately mimics that incredible band. The only low point is that the chorus is a little weak, but it's not bad and it's better than the chorus on other units I've used.


Most of the unit is made from plastic, but it seems sturdy enough, and DOD stuff has always been reliable for me in the past. The expression pedal is plastic, but it rotates on metal bearings so I guess it should last a while. I've used it in practices quite successfully.

General Comments

This pedal is great if you're looking for some really good sounding analog distortions, while having other effects around at the same time. Currently, it's the only pedal I own and I'm very happy with it.

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